Officers For 2015

Andy Smith

Courier Driver, First District Governor

Andy has been a Lions Club member for almost 10 years, joining his wife, Mary, as a member of the club. Andy has been very involved in Lions since day one, and has moved up quickly within the Colorado Lions to become First Vice District Governor. He’s well on his way to being the next District Governor, something of which the Thornton Lions are especially proud.


Cindy Marlowe

President | Owner of Redhead Properties, an affiliate of RE/MAX Alliance

A Lion for 12 years, Cindy believes that being a Thornton Lions Club member allows her “to work with a great group of people to share my blessings with others. Working as a team for the good of all, Thornton Lions Club simply enables me to give back . . . to pay-it-forward.” Cindy volunteered to be the liaison between the City of Thornton and the Club in regards to the Thornton Carousel. See the Carousel tab for more information on this highly successful event.


Marchelle Heslep

Secretary | HR Manager and a Dog Rescue Officer

Marchelle has been with the Thornton Lions for over 18 years. She has held positions as Region Chair, Zone Chair, District Secretary, and President of the club. Besides being very active with Lions, Marchelle is also involved with 2 dog rescue groups/clubs.

Marchelle was attracted to various volunteer organizations to "give back" to the community and assist those who were in need - person or animal. She first assisted the Lions when another Lion suggested she come and help them out at the annual 9 Health Fair at the Thornton Recreation Center. She now coordinates with various clubs, members and helpers to take care of all finances and review of paperwork for the Fair attendees.


Phyllis Bailey

Treasurer | Retired Office Manager

Phyllis has been a Lions Club member for more than 20 years. She finds it very rewarding to see people being so generous towards Lions Club causes, whether it be ringing bells for the Salvation Army or working at the carousel.


Joe Waltuch

Tail Twister | Retired attorney & former Nevada Commissioner of Mortgage Lending

Joe just celebrated his 40th anniversary as a Lion. Although he has only been with the Thornton Lions for 2.5 years, he has brought with him a lengthy commitment of donating his time and resources to helping others. As Tail Twister of the club, he serves to promote harmony, good fellowship and enthusiasm at club meetings.